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Polonijna Grupa z Norfolk 
Tessa Black's story
My first contact with Norfolk was in 1981 when I moved to Swaffham from Windsor with my husband, Ian, and our 3 children. As a couple of Biologists we felt very lucky to find ourselves surrounded by so much natural beauty in the form of forests, marshes and coast, and with no traffic or tourists but unfortunately, at the time, no Poles that we knew either.

Both my parents were Polish, from Poznan but I was born in England.

My father, Stefan Sajdak, had been a reserve officer in the 3rd Regiment of the Polish cavalry and spent 5 years as a P.O.W in Murnau in Bavaria. When the war ended my mother, Stefania Nitsche, escaped from Poland to meet up with my father in Germany and from there they went to Italy to join General Anders 2nd Corps.

They eventually came to England in 1946. After my parents deaths I was keen to keep my spoken Polish alive and so was very pleased when the opportunity came in the form of the Norfolk Polish Heritage Group.

March 2017


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