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Norfolk Polish Heritage Group (NPHG)


To develop community involvement with the story of immigrant Polish communities in Norfolk and to strengthen bonds between the people of Norfolk and beyond and the Polish diaspora by involving all ages of the wider community.

To create an archive of audio recordings and documents of Polish immigrants to Norfolk in conjunction with the Norfolk Record Office. The people of Norfolk will have a clearer understanding of the critical contribution made by members of the Polish armed forces to the war-effort during WW II.

There will be a greater understanding of how Poles who stayed-on in Norfolk – some in re-settlement - camps integrated and intermarried into British society, adding rich cultural diversity.

The positive effect that later migratory influxes of Polish nationals have had on the local and national economy through a wide range of occupations and businesses will be more easily accepted by Norfolk people. Greater racial harmony will be result.

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The group meets on a regular basis for different events and at different locations : See news and events page for details

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EDP Article July 2016